Specialist of the Olfactory Diffusion

Promote your brand image,
communication, atmosphere and olfactory dimension.
Olfactory dissemination, sensory marketing, event creation, olfactory artistic creation.
We'll help you promote your communication thanks to the concept of the third dimension of communication:
olfactory dissemination

Our Expertise

Created January 1, 1988 by José MARTIN company SIGMACOM,
Olfactory dissemination specialist
diffuse scents, indoors and outdoors, for many applications:

Shows - Conventions,
Olfactory artistic creations
Launches of fragrances - fashion shows
Promotions - Advertising campaigns,
Image of a company brand - of a product,
Improvement of the comfort of users of public places

Patented by José MARTIN, scent diffusers allow the full restitution of the olfactory properties,
fungicides or sanitizing of the products used.
The processing of the products from the liquid state to the State of microparticles is performed by
simple mechanical process without changing temperature and adding of
propellant or other product.
Scent diffusers can perfume of vast scenic spaces, even outdoors.
It takes a few seconds for a perfect diffusion of fragrances in the desired volume,
while consuming...1 to 3 cl of product per hour of continuous operation.

SIGMACOM method allows to stream several scents, one after the other,
in a separate and instantaneous manner.
More than 2500 olfactory reference catalogue, ability to create specific fragrances.
For permanent installations, the unit is controlled by an electronic clock, which allows
Select the timeslots and determine the duration of the sequences of commissioning.

SIGMACOM is already shown in North America, EUROPE,
in Russia, in Japan, in Africa, the Middle East, and Australia
for prestigious shows and benefits.

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